Hi! I’m Christine

Do you feel the magic of music?
The magic of knowing that music was not just something inside of you, but a part of you?

I remember … it was glorious!

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Somehow you knew that the cello was just for you and it woke up a powerful shining light. Knowing that you belong in and with music in a deep and indestructible way.

What if you could fully realize your dream of playing music … expressing yourself fully through the cello?

Well, I can help you!

You CAN play cello and I can show you how. My hope is to help you unleash yourself and express your inner beauty through cello and music, in a happy, confident and successful way

I learned a long time ago that most problems are rooted in the most basic principles which anchor and support the technique and musicianship of the most advanced players.

Ultimately when expressing yourself through music you must One, establish a Solid Foundation. And Two,… Stay in the Game!

The 5 things you need to start are:

  1. Establish the concept of a good tone.
  2. Establish the habit of making tension free movements.
  3. Establish an attitude that is full of confidence and free to explore.
  4. Establish an effective way to practice so that you achieve a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Love Cello and what you are doing and the entire process of learning.

With these things you have the tools for your journey to becoming a wonderful musician!

Have you already started playing cello and are struggling?

Stick with me and I’ll help you along with your journey, through my blog, tips, webinars, free reports and the I Luv Cello program we will find the way!

I look forward to hearing from you, YOUR stories on how you came to love cello, what you’ve been doing and everything in between!

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