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Welcome to Cello Girl!

Whether you are a budding cellist, a fan of all things cello, or just music in general… my congratulations to you!

You are cultivating a skill that will enhance your entire life.  You are dedicating your time, energy and talents to something of lasting value.  Even if you are only listening, there are many benefits to music!

  1. It has been shown to increase joy and decrease stress.
  2. Music boosts your memory, it can help people remember things and get in touch with their history.
  3. Regardless of socioeconomic background, music students score higher on standardized tests.
  4. Later in life music can help curb depression AND if you have studied for at least 5 years you will age slower later in life.
  5. Music enhances hand eye coordination.
  6. It increases cooperation, an important aspect of being successful in life— to play music with others we have to learn how to listen to each other to play together.
  7. Music forces you to master responsibility – being responsible for your instrument, music, schedules, practicing all helps us foster these skills.
  8. Music teaches cultural history, music reflects history and gives us insight to what it was like to live in that time.
  9. Music advances listening skills — playing means you have to listen very carefully.
  10. When listening to high energy music, it improves your workout by increasing endurance and distracting you from discomfort.
  11. And perhaps most importantly make lifelong friends — music is highly social, interactive for both the performer and the audience.

As you can see, music has many benefits and there are so many more. So lets let your DREAMS come true, let’s CONQUER this so that you can be FREE to share your love of cello and music with all!

It is my hope that Cello Girl will be an invaluable resource to you and YOUR journey!

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