And now, a little bit about me!

My name is Christine Williams, I’m the owner of the Lydian Studio of Music and have been teaching cello for over 15 years.  I live in a beautiful part of Canada, in Calgary Alberta, situated right by the rocky mountains providing many fabulous activities.

I received my B. Music, specializing in performance, from the University of Victoria and belong to the ARMTA, a registered music teachers association here in Alberta.  As well I have taken teacher training courses through the SAA and I am an accredited teacher with that organization.

In addition to teaching I also perform professionally both solo and with larger ensembles, and do various freelance work.

For my free time I like doing lots of different things.  I love travel and exploring the world, I love going to the lake and enjoy boating, swimming, kayaking, paddling, you name it, if it involves water I’m in!  Also, reading, skiing, visiting with friends via dinner parties, coffee, or just enjoying sitting around a fire.

If you are interested, read a bit more about My Life Story.  Further to that, I will be sharing many more stories in the Blogs to come!

Thanks for joining me here, I’m very excited to have you!!

Lots of Love,
Christine xo

My cat Allegra, who loves being around for cello lessons, enjoys running in and out to greet all my students, and they are especially delighted when she sits on a lap or invites someone to play.  Sometimes I wonder if she thinks she is helping!

To your cello success!

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