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The I LUV CELLO website provides a more structured approach to learning the cello. Each course contains multiple lessons which you can learn at your own rate. New courses are being offered all the time.

Do you love Cello and have always wanted to play, yet don’t know where to start?

Feel free to view a couple of the first lessons in the Hello Cello Program!

My hope is that by viewing these videos that you will have a chance to take a peek at the inside of the course and get a feel for what lessons with me will look like.

These lessons are for beginners that have little to no experience with a cello, yet have a desire to play this amazing instrument. In over 40 video’s you are guided step by step through the process of learning to play cello from tuning your instrument to putting your hands together.

Once you enrol at I Luv Cello the lessons you’ve purchased are available 24/7, ideal for the learner that lacks the time or schedule to enrol in a traditional music school allowing you to go at the pace that will suit you best. All you need is a good mobile device, laptop, desktop computer or smart television with internet access.

As I expand the library of courses they will continue to move in a step by step fashion allowing for a smooth expansion of your skills continually honing your technique and your ability on the instrument.

If you have a desire to play this wonderful instrument and are interested in signing up, please visit I Luv Cello and I’d be delighted to get you started!

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