Enriched Tutorials

Take your cello playing to the next level with Christine

Do you already play cello and want to learn a specific song? Well this is the section for you!

Shot and edited with 3 camera angles to highlight and demonstrate the individual techniques each piece requires, these tutorial video’s will walk you through the A to Z’s of a specific song. It’s amazing how quickly you can learn pieces when they are presented in this format.

I hope you enjoy learning them as much as I enjoyed teaching them!

Sneak Preview – the first video in the Jurassic Park series is available for your viewing prior to purchase.

Reg $25.00 now $10.00

Star Wars

Leitmotif - a musical construct that John Williams uses incredibly effectively to connect the musical score to the characters in the movie Star Wars.

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Reg $25.00 now $10.00

Jurassic Park

A 4 part video series that focuses on the main theme for Jurassic Park. It’s a version that can be played entirely in first position and employs the use of both the 3rd and 2nd finger, so be sure to feel comfortable in both hand positions before you start....

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For more advanced lessons visit our Academy page for a sneak preview of the Hello Cello Series available on the I Luv Cello website.

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