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Music is always around you during your day. It alerts you when you get a text message, it’s on in the background at work, it plays in your car, you hear it in advertisements, you sing anthems, it streams into your headphones. Music can build tension and it can release it. Music expresses emotions, jolts memories  and can even instil courage.

Exploring music through the cello is a voyage and each person’s trip is unique. Some people travel quickly while others take a more leisurely pace. Detours happen, allowing the traveler to spend as much time as desired on any area. And like any great trip, although the destination may be planned, there is always something unexpected to explore.

It is my hope that Cello Girl will be your tour guide on your journey.

Technique Tutorials

Technical difficulties?
Here’s a free Resource for you.

Explore these exercises for simple, easy and effective ways to tune up your technique!

Song Tutorials

Are you looking for some new repertoire? 

Access these tutorials to learn some new well loved favourites.

Enriched Tutorials

Check out this library of tutorials!

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Advanced Instruction

Ready to move on? Check out a few videos from the Hello Cello Series 1 – available, at no cost, on the Academy page!

If you found these videos and would like more, the entire series is available for purchase on the I Luv Cello website.

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